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Top 4 Business Apps for Small Businesses

Apps can offer a lot of advantages for small business owners. Most of these apps provide efficient and easy solutions that help small business owners who don’t have much time increase their productivity, thereby saving time and money!

If you own a small business, here are four apps you should consider implementing in your business:

Expensify – For management of expenses

This is one good app to implement for your business if you want effective expenses management. This app allows you to snap receipts with your phone or forward emailed receipts straight to the app. These receipts are then scanned and added to your account immediately.

You can connect the app to your business bank account, which will allow you to automatically import expenses. In addition, you can log your work hours and track your vehicle mileage. Expensify can easily be integrated with other productivity apps such as Genius scan, Evernote and Dropbox.

Slack – For effective team communication

The Slack app is great for team messaging, and it’s free. As a business owner, the app will help you stay less busy and have time for other things. One of the great things about Slack is its user-friendly nature and simplicity, which has contributed to its popularity. The app is available for both mobile and desktop.

Slack allows users to set up their own ‘channels’ for various projects, locations and teams. You will be also able to set the privacy level for each of the channels you create. For instance, you can decide to create a public channel where every one of your employee can contribute, and a private channel for the managerial team only. There is also a direct message feature if you want a one-on-one chat with an employee.

With Slack, users can share files, images, documents and just about anything within the created channels. The app can also be connected to your email inbox, and other programs such as Google Drive, Google Calender and Twitter.

Dropbox – Efficient file storage and sharing

Dropbox has surely grown in popularity among many businesses. It’s an app that allows cloud-based file sharing and storage. You can store and share various kinds of files, which can be accessible via mobile or desktop.

With this app, you and your team can work together on a particular document through its editing and comment functions. Dropbox also allows synchronizing across various device, plus you can always access previous versions of documents should the need arise.

Deputy – Staff management

This is one useful app for managing your staff.  Deputy allows you to set up, share, as well as change employee schedules when necessary. In addition, you can log staff attendance, delegate tasks and effectively communicate with your team. All these can be done through your tablet or smartphone.

With Deputy, your staff can be able to log on and off from their different shifts and you’ll be able to monitor their timesheets. The app can be integrated with apps like MYOB, Xero and ADP.

These are the top four business apps for small businesses at the moment and if you’re not using any or all of them for your business yet, you need to reconsider!

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