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Sourcing Contractors for Specialised Jobs

If you own a small business, then you already know that it’s near impossible to be an expert in everything you need to know to be a success. There’s no doubt that you’ll be needing the help of a contractor or a freelancer at some point. Whether you’ll be needing to take care of a one-off task or an on-going part time freelancer, it’s important you know where to look for experienced help. Below are a few of the places you can look for talents to take care of your odd jobs.

Start with your own network

Your network is one of the best places you can find talented helps. Start by asking your friends for referrals on the type of help you’re seeking. It could be by sending out emails to your family, friends and likewise your team. If you have business social media pages like LinkedIn and Facebook, then posting a callout on them may be useful.

You may also want to speak to your peers and other business owners in the same industry as you will find those you have worked with in the past may posses the skills to give you the help you need.


This site is the perfect go-to site for hands-on odd jobs such as making deliveries, office cleaning, furniture assembly, distributing flyers and just about any other thing that has to do with maintenance.

Finding your way around the site is quite easy. All you have to do is go to the job section and post a job description about the type of help you need. Make sure to include the price you’re willing to pay and your location. Once you’ve done that, you’ll start receiving applications from many applicants. Check the online reviews of the applicants and choose the one you’re most comfortable with, and you’re done.


If you’re in the manufacturing, hospitality and retail business, and are seeking help for occasional or one-off jobs of various types, then OneShift can come in handy. When you post an ad for work on this site, you’ll be matched with candidates that best fits your job descriptions. You can then sift through candidates and choose the person you think will handle the task better.

The Loop

If you’re after creative freelancers, then the Loop is worth checking out. This site serves both as a job marketplace and an online creative portfolio – perfect for finding creative help for occasional and one-off jobs. You can find talents across many categories such as photography, web development, design, branding, video production and much more. You’ve to ensure you include the details of the type of help you’re seeking, so you can be able to get the right freelancer for the intended task. Most of the gigs offered on the site are ideal for businesses looking for help on testimonial videos, writing press releases, logo designs or website updates.

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