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Unsecured small business loan

$20k – $300k Term loan with a redraw option.

Facility term 24 months

Any business purpose

Top-up & early payout options

Fast 24-Hour Loan Approval​

Monday – Saturday​

Minimal Docs Required

we only need the basics

High Approval Rates

and fast

5-Minute Online Application

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Unsecured loans $20k up to $300k

You don’t have to use your house or other valuable assets as collateral to get up to $300K in funding.

24 month facility terms

We offer payment terms of 24 months, and you have the flexibility to pay off your loan early and reduce the amount of interest you pay.

Fast and simple online application

To assess if you’re eligible for a loan, we won’t ask you to submit a pile of paperwork. We only ask for the basics to keep the process as quick and easy as possible.

Fast 24-hour loan approval

Once you submit your loan application, you can expect to receive a decision within one business day, sometimes even sooner. Our team will be in touch to go over the process and address any questions you may have.

Access funds same business day

Once your loan is approved and electronic documents signed, the funds will be transferred into your nominated account on the same business day.

How does the application process work?

We keep things simple.

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Got a call pretty quickly. Got me out of a bind.
Catalin Andries
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I've got a lot of value and professional recommendations regarding a small business unsecured loan.

That was only from one call that made a huge difference in our business plans during these uncertain times.

There are many options out there, but they get personal and would to whatever it takes to be in your advantage.

Thanks for your help, team.
Adam Dawson
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very quick to process line of credit!! look forward to being able to ramp up business
Michelle Sando
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Quick response time and was quick to get approved which was nice
Emma Sinclair
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was easy to get small business loan, thank you
Blair Davies
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line of credit facility works well for what we needed

What are you waiting for?

Complete our online application in less than 5-minutes and see what we can offer your business.

An unsecured business loan differs from a traditional loan because you don’t need to place an asset up as security. Instead, the lender assesses whether you can access the loan based on the risk your business presents.

The benefit to this is that your assets aren’t at risk if you default on the loan. The lender cannot claim your property, equipment, or any other assets as part of their repayment.

However, this does not mean that the lender cannot take other actions against you if you default.

We need to conduct checks on your ability to service your unsecured business loan. As a lender, we take on more risk when we provide an unsecured loan. Your bank statements serve as proof that you have the ability to make repayments.

This need for proof is also why we only accept the original statements, rather than copies. It’s possible that an applicant may alter a copy to provide an unrealistic picture of their financial situation. We require complete transparency on your part so that we can assess your situation accurately.

As explained above, this depends on several factors. The age of the business has an effect. An established business will likely obtain a lower interest rate, assuming it has a healthy cash flow.

How you accept payments will also have an effect. Businesses that predominantly accept payment via invoicing may face higher rates. We will provide you with all of the relevant information relating to your interest rate when you make your application.

We offer loans of between $20,000 and $300,000.

However, the amount that you can borrow depends on several factors. These include the business’ age, health, and industry. Your credit score will also play a part in the decision.

One of the key benefits of unsecured business loans is that they take less time than their traditional cousins. Filling out the application will typically take between 5 and 10 minutes. You can do it all online, which means there’s no pesky paperwork to deal with.

From there, we will take up to 24 hours to assess your application and provide you with a decision. Assuming we accept your application, we will also provide details of the loan for you to peruse. Once you accept the conditions of the loan, it may take up to one business day for the funds to appear in your account.

All told, the process takes between two and three days. This assumes that you’ve provided accurate information in your application. If we need to contact you to confirm any details, the process may take a little longer.

To quality for an Unsecured Finance Business Loan you will typically need to have the following:

A business with 6 or more months trading history.
Turnover in excess of $10,000 per month
Regular cash flow (daily, weekly or monthly)

This is one of the key benefits of an unsecured business loan. Generally if you apply during business hours and are approved funds can be transferred before the close of that business day.

At Unsecured Finance we like to help out customers keep their payments affordable and offer all our business loans across a 24-month period. For those wishing to pay off their loans early, often a discount is offered.

With unsecured funding the lender typically only needs to identify who you are and find out some basics about your business such as:

The last 6-months of banks statements for your business
Some form of identification (Drivers licence)

The benefit of an unsecured loan is that typically approvals will be provided inside the same business day. This makes unsecured loans a great option for those who require business capital in a hurry.

We do conduct a credit check when you submit a full application to check your credit score.  We will go over the details of your application upon receipt to determine if we can grant a pre-approval. If we do, we will contact you with the details of the loan and inform you of the pre-approved status.

We may ask for further proof of business ownership, as well as proof of your identity.

For example, you may ask you to provide us with a copy of your driving license. You will also need to provide your ABN when submitting your loan application.

You can, assuming that you meet our criteria. In this situation, we will usually conduct a deeper analysis of your finances and credit score. A default on your record suggests that you present more risk. We’re looking for evidence that the risk no longer exists and you can service your new loan.

If we accept your loan application, we may apply a higher interest rate than we would without the default. We may also require further documentation relating to the defaulted loan, which we will request when needed.

Unfortunately not. Startup businesses present too much of a risk for an unsecured business loan. The company has no financial documentation so it’s impossible to assess its serviceability. We require all applicants to have been in business for at least six months for our unsecured loans.

We’re based in Australia and have two main offices. They’re located at the following addresses:

Head Office

Unit 2A
391 Martins Road
Green Fields SA 5107

Victoria Office

Level 2
696 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Furthermore, we have a number of smaller regional offices spread around the country. Finally, we also have an office in New Zealand, which is at the following address:

Floor 27
188 Quay Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

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