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The Power Of Instant Messaging In Your Business

When we think of instant messaging, we can’t help but think of some of the most common desktop and mobile sites/applications in the world such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Snapchat. These are excellent choices for your personal lives outside of work, but are not conducive to genuine business communication.

In the business world, the future is now, and what we have been looking for has arrived. Slack is a fresh and innovative instant messaging tool, especially designed for small businesses. It makes communicating with your teams so much easier, and significantly streamlines your communications by providing a single base for all your company communications. You can create large group discussions, whilst co-workers can have private one on one chats about their work; you will still be able to maintain the direct contact you have always had with individual members of your team.

This platform gives you a single-source location for all your work communications, and in many ways, spells the end of emails within some organisations. Imagine if you wanted to simply ask if a client has been called. If it was an email, you would have to open the message, click reply and then actually write a sentence, and even make the effort to make it look like a professional response was provided. With Slack, and instant messaging in general, things work much quicker, and less formally. And you’ll get your answer much quicker, as notifications pop up on screen to notify users that a question has been asked. It provides for a transparent view of all that is going on within an organisation.

Through the creation of ‘channels’, you can choose to create communication threads that relate to a specific topic. It provides simple access to records of all internal communications relating to that topic. Saving time, you can pinpoint conversations to be had, actions to be taken, and it will let you search for information easily and simply with an excellent search functionality.

Slack has been designed to work in conjunction with many programs that your business already uses, so it won’t stop your flow of work; so why don’t you try it today? It may be ideal for your business.

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