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Why You Should Hire Casual Workers During the Holidays (And How To Do It)

The holiday season is both exciting and challenging for businesses due to an uptick in demand. To help you navigate this period, hiring casual workers can be a strategic move.


During the holiday season, many small businesses experience a big increase in customers. A great way to efficiently handle this busy time is by hiring casual workers

This strategy is smart for a few reasons. 

Firstly, it helps you manage the extra workload without overburdening your regular staff. You can also flexibly manage the schedule of casual workers to match the holiday demand. And this approach is also cost-effective since you’re only paying for the extra help when you need it. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, let’s explore the benefits they bring in detail.


The 5 Benefits of Hiring Casual Workers

Benefit #1: Enhanced Flexibility

As mentioned, casual workers are a great asset during the holiday season because they provide incredible flexibility in scheduling. This is useful for small businesses that see big fluctuations in customer numbers during the holidays. 

You can bring extra help only on your busiest days or during peak shopping hours without committing to a long-term hire. So, you can efficiently manage your workforce in line with your business’s varying needs during this busy period.


Benefit #2: Cost Effectiveness

For small businesses, keeping a close eye on the budget is important, especially during the holiday season. Hiring casual workers offers a smart financial solution. It’s a practical way to add extra staff during busy periods without straining your budget.

With casual workers, you pay only for the number of hours they work. This approach means you avoid the continuous costs that come with full-time employees, like regular salaries, benefits, and other related expenses. 

This staffing method allows you to adjust labour costs in real-time, aligning them with your business’s needs while keeping your finances in check.


Benefit #3: Skill Diversification

During the holiday season, your business might face demands that require skills your regular staff doesn’t have. This is where casual workers come in handy. 

By hiring casual workers with the specific skills you need, you can better handle the increased demand in your business. You can even offer specialised services that your regular team may not be equipped to provide. 

For example, if you need extra help with gift wrapping or setting up seasonal decorations, casual workers with these skills can be a great asset. 

This strategy improves your business’s capacity to meet customer needs. It also ensures that you consistently deliver high-quality service during the busiest time of the year.


Benefit #4: Relief of Regular Staff

The holiday season often means extra work, which can be tough on your regular staff. They might end up overworked, leading to stress and even burnout. 

Hiring casual workers can help with this. 

By bringing in extra staff, you reduce the pressure on your regular team. They won’t need to work excessive hours since casual workers will handle some of the workload. 

It’s a straightforward way to manage the seasonal rush without overburdening your core team.


Benefit #5: Scalable Workforce

During the holidays, business can be unpredictable. Some days you might be swamped with customers, while others are quieter. So, having a workforce that can quickly adapt is essential. 

This is where casual workers can come in handy. 

They allow you to increase your manpower when it’s really busy and lessen it when things are slower. So, you ensure that your operations are running efficiently while not having too many employees during slower times.


5 Effective Steps for Hiring Casual Workers

To ensure a smooth integration of casual workers into your business during the holidays, consider these steps:


Step #1: Identify Specific Needs

Before you start hiring temporary staff, you must first figure out what you need them to do. 

Think about the specific roles and tasks that you need extra help with. Then, write down a clear description for each role, including the duties and skills required. 

Clarity will help you during the hiring process. You’ll be able to quickly identify which candidates are the best fit for each job.


Step #2: Promote Job Openings

You should advertise the positions you’re hiring for during the holiday season on different platforms. This could include online job boards, social media, local community boards, or even word-of-mouth. 

In your advertisements, be clear that these are temporary jobs. Also, list the specific skills you’re looking for. This could be anything from customer service to gift-wrapping skills. 

Being clear about the nature of the job and your expectations will help you attract the right candidates.


Step #3: Offer Thorough Training

It’s crucial to provide comprehensive training to your casual workers. 

Ensure they understand how your business operates and what you expect from them in their roles. Also, teach them about your company’s policies and the level of service you expect them to provide to customers. 

This step is important because it’ll help you ensure that your temporary staff will maintain the same high standards as your regular employees. And a well-trained casual worker will be more effective and can start contributing to your business quickly. 


Step #4: Monitor and Provide Feedback

Keeping an eye on how your casual workers are doing is important. Regularly check in on their performance to see if they’re meeting the standards and expectations of their roles. 

This isn’t just about ensuring they’re doing their jobs right. It’s also an opportunity to offer them helpful feedback and ensure their work is up to par. 

So, if they’re doing well, let them know. And if there are areas where they can improve, provide them with suggestions. This kind of feedback will help them do their job better, which, in turn, will help your business, especially during the busy holiday season


Step #5: Motivate with Incentives

Motivating your casual workers can make a big difference in their performance, especially during this busy period. 

So, consider offering incentives that will keep them engaged and happy to be part of your team. 

It could be things like bonuses for those who meet or exceed their targets or an end-of-season reward for everyone. Flexible scheduling is another great incentive. Allowing casual workers to choose shifts that suit their schedules can motivate them to perform their jobs well. 

These kinds of incentives not only encourage your casual staff to work harder but also help you retain them throughout the season. More importantly, happy, motivated workers are often more productive and contribute positively to your business.


Consider Strategic Staffing for Holiday Success

Hiring casual workers is a strategic and effective solution for small businesses like yours facing increased demand during the holiday season. It can make a big difference in keeping your business running smoothly and successfully during the holiday rush.

Of course, adding staff to your payroll means increased expenses. But given all the benefits they bring to the table, it’s better to see it as an investment in your business. Not only will they help you navigate the holiday rush with ease but also ensure your customers are happy.

And happy customers mean more business down the line.

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