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5 Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, you’re probably thinking that marketing your business is going to be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming task. It doesn’t have to be that way, that is, if you know what to do and how to go about it. Below are 5 simple marketing tips for small business that you can easily implement for your business.

Set up a blog for your business

If you’ve not realized yet that a blog is a great addition for any business’s marketing strategy, then you need to have a re-think. Blogs are great ways to share your expertise, inspirations and news with your customers and potential prospects. For an effective marketing strategy, you and your team need to get seriously involved with blog article writing. One of the most difficult parts of blogging is getting started. You should set out some hours for developing your blog and content plan. Your plan should include things such as; focus subject areas, how often to post, how to generate ideas for your stories, where to sources images from, and finally creating the blog and familiarizing yourself with your website’s Content Management System (CMS).

Offer a freebie

A lot of people like freebies or “give-aways”. So, give something away! However, you should know that there are approaches to giving freebies. One of them is running a competition and then making the criteria for entry a purchase of whatever you’re offering or signing up to your newsletter. The price for the competition winners could be anything from giving out free products to a set value or a discount voucher to your products. If you have a new product you’ve just launched, then giving away free samples is a good way of creating awareness for the product.

Start sending out e-newsletters

Sending out newsletters to your customers allows you to keep them abreast of what’s going on with your business. You can include business updates, recent blog posts or special offers about some of your products with the newsletters. There a lot of email service providers with a free option if you don’t want to subscribe to a paid one straight away.

Be active in your local community

One good way of effectively growing your customer base is getting to know the organizations, businesses, and people that are living and working in your community. If you have a good product and/or service, people around you will certainly appreciate your business offers and subsequently support it.

Here are some ways of building relationship with your community:

  • Introduce yourself to them
  • Support their business and refer them to your customers when necessary
  • Be a member of your local commerce or retailer’s association.
  1. Advertise your business on social media

The social networking platforms are great ways for small businesses to create awareness about their products and/or services. There are different social media platforms, so you have to choose the one that will be most appropriate for your type of business. If your business is about travel & tourism, jewelry, clothing, and fashion, then Instagram works best because these are visually appealing products. Facebook ads can help you in targeting new local customers while LinkedIn works best for a B2B audience.

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